No Need For A Bonfire: S’mores Can Be Made At The Dinner Table

BigFire American Fare / MouseInfo / Twitter

It’s an age-old dilemma. You want to make yourself an authentic s’more, one with a marshmallow that’s been toasted over a fire, not warmed up in a microwave.

But for whatever reason, you’re unable to build a fire. It’s too cold, you live in an apartment, or you just don’t know how to make a fire yourself.

Well, one restaurant is solving your woes by giving you the chance to cook your s’more over a miniature fire indoors.

The new restaurant, called Bigfire American Fare, just opened in the CityWalk area of Universal Orlando. Since the whole establishment is campfire-themed, it makes sense why s’mores would be offered as a dessert!

Other than the s’mores, featured menu items include burgers, steaks, and other classic American dishes.

Although the restaurant hasn’t been open for long, we have a feeling its tableside s’mores are going to become the stars of the show.

The restaurant allows you to build the s’mores of your dreams using a variety of marshmallows and two types of chocolate candy. You can use traditional plain chocolate bars, or give a peanut butter cup a try!

It’ll set you back $18 to give the tableside s’mores a try, but keep in mind that serving is enough for two people to share. However, if more people want to join in on the fun, it will cost an additional $9 per person.

As for how you go about toasting the marshmallows, the Bigfire staff will bring you a miniature fire they’ll light for you and place at your table. Using the provided tiny camping forks, you can toast your marshmallows to your heart’s content, and you don’t ever have to leave your seat!

Popular Orlando theme park vlogger Tim Tracker visited Bigfire shortly after opening, and gave the tableside s’mores a try.

Tracker noted that the tableside fire doesn’t stay lit for long, so be sure not to dillydally when it comes to toasting your marshmallows. With that being said, Tracker described the experience as “super fun” and said the s’mores were “delicious.”

You can check out Tracker’s tableside s’mores experience at Bigfire by tuning in to the video below.

We don’t know about y’all, but now we’re anxious to book a trip to Orlando and try these out!