Nicole Kidman’s Daughters Scream As She Captures Tarantula

Nicole Kidman/Facebook

Actress Nicole Kidman, wife of country music star Keith Urban, had an unexpected and unwelcome guest arrive at their family pool over the weekend. But, Kidman wasn’t phased and took the matter into her own hands.

In a video posted to Instagram by Kidman, a tarantula is seen walking along the edge of the pool. The actress approaches the spider as her daughters can be heard screaming in horror, “Get back, mom!” Kidman casually catches the creature under a drinking glass and shows it off to the camera.

“I’m having to take care of this spider. Help!” Kidman says.

For those concerned about the tarantula’s safety, Kidman assured fans that it was released “unharmed and healthy.”

The Academy Award winning actress shares two daughters with Keith Urban, 9-year old Sunday Rose and 7-year old Faith Margaret. The couple recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary and took to social media to share adorable wishes to each other that included a rare look at their wedding day in Australia.