Niall Horan Shares Blake’s Reaction To His “Voice” Win

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Season 23 Voice Finale Marks End Of Blake Shelton’s Time On The Show

Season 23 was Blake Shelton‘s last season of The Voice. Over the course of his time on the show he’s scored nine wins and coached over 300 contestants.


This season, Shelton was hoping to score a tenth and final win with one of his two finalists, Grace West or NOIVAS.


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NOIVAS ended up placing in fifth. One by one, other contestants’ names were read off until only West and Team Niall’s Gina Miles remained onstage.

Host Carson Daly revealed the winner won by the closest margin of votes in Voice history. West and Miles waited anxiously before Daly finally announced that Miles was the winner!

Miles was shocked, to say the least. She starred at the crowd and West in disbelief before Horan and the other contestants made their way onstage to congratulate her on her win.

How Blake Reacted After Niall Won The Voice Over Him

So what did Shelton think about the fact that Horan won Season 23?

Horan spoke with ET after the show. He gushed about Miles’ win, and also shared Shelton’s reaction to the news:

“He said, ‘I taught you everything you know!’ That’s not even a joke. It was such a special night for him, but it was also fantastic to kick that man out the door.”

Horan and Shelton bonded quickly after meeting to work on The Voice. The two of them developed a playful rapport, and took to calling each other “dad” and “son.”

Opening up about their friendship, Horan said:

“I’m gonna miss him. Big time. I’ve made a real friend. Like, I didn’t know the guy in October of last year, but he’s just been a constant. We text every day. He’s been a laugh the whole [time].”

Get a peek into Horan and Shelton’s relationship by watching the video below. It makes us happy to hear how close they are!