News Reporter Goes Viral After Accidentally Swallowing Fly During Broadcast


A video of a news anchor accidentally swallowing a fly live on air is going viral, and people can’t believe her reaction—or rather lack thereof.

The anchor, who people quickly found out to be Boston 25’s Vanessa Welch, was leading a newscast last week when the insect seemingly fell off her eyelash and right into her mouth— and, of course, the entire thing was caught in a close-up on camera.

The clip showed Welch swallowing the insect, giving a slight wince as it went into her mouth but ultimately continuing to broadcast as if nothing had happened.

The incident has quickly gained a lot of attention online, with many people insisting that she “needs a raise” for staying so calm and focused during the unexpected and gross mishap.

“Nah she needs a raise, she didn’t even bat an eye,” one person commented.

“Not even fazed. Peak professionalism,” another person wrote.

“I have NEVER seen that level of professionalism,” a commenter exclaimed.

However, some people on the internet aren’t completely convinced (or maybe don’t want to accept) it was actually a fly.

In the comments section, some users suggested that what appeared to be a fly was actually just an eyelash that fell into her mouth.

After seeing the video, a user begged, “Tell me that was an eyelash, tell me that was an eyelash.”

“Looks more like she is wearing individual strip lashes (like lashify) and one of them has detached and come off while blinking,” a commenter pointed out.

“It was an eyelash cluster relaaaxxx,” another said.

The news anchor has not made an official public comment regarding her accidental viral moment, but it’s safe to say that anyone who watched the clip has officially unlocked a new fear.

Watch the news anchor accidentally swallow a fly on live television in the video below.