New Way To Unwind: A Snake Massage

YouTube / Beauty Insider

Snake massages are a great way to relieve stress and unwind, according to Snake Priestess, Serpentessa.

According to her website, Serpentessa has been a snake priestess for over 20 years. Serpentessa says that she is in a mutual partnership with her snakes and that she is constantly learning from them. She is able to skillfully facilitate interactions and take you on an emotional journey with her Boa Constrictor snakes in an up-close and personal encounter of your choice. A snake massage is one of those options.

The snake massage is a private one-on-one session with Sepentessa guiding you and her snakes through the transformation, enabling you to move past natural reactions, fear, or stress to empowerment, relaxation, and bliss. According to her, the sensation of a snake coming in contact with your body can elicit thrills and complete relaxation.

Serpentessa says many times the snakes will focus on areas of the body that need healing or relaxation, such as the neck or back. The weight of their body can promote relaxation and a sense of calmness.

Serpentessa has been featured on many television shows such as Entertainment Tonight and The View sharing the healing and spiritual powers of a snake massage.

On her website, there are testimonies from her clients who have had a snake massage, claiming that the experience was life-changing.

One client wrote. “I was privileged to experience a wonderful snake massage with five of Serpentessa’s amazing, beautiful snakes. Being with these instinctive creatures took me down a loving inner path of serenity and oneness with my ancient Self, connecting me with my body’s deepest instincts and healing awareness in a truly profound way.”

Snake massages are available to book through her website starting at just under $300.

Watch the video below to see a snake massage in action.