New Budweiser Commercial Celebrates Bars & Restaurants Reopening

Budweiser / YouTube

It’s been a difficult past few months for bars and restaurants across the country. Social distancing has taken its toll and people are anxious to return to their normal lives. Now that bars and restaurants are starting to reopen, Budweiser is celebrating the occasion with a new commercial. And yes – it features a labrador puppy and some clydesdale horses.

Budweiser / YouTube

The song featured in the commercial is “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. The video begins with a Budweiser sign flickering back to life, followed by a giant clydesdale horse leaping over a fence, then breaking into a run as the puppy peeks his head out from a bale of hay. The clydesdale reunites with its fellow horses led by the puppy as the message appears,

“We can’t wait to see our buds. But when we do, let’s do it safely.”

Budweiser / YouTube

During the pandemic, Anheuser-Busch, which produces Budweiser, has donated $5 million to the American Red Cross and has worked with its sports partners to turns arenas and stadiums into Red Cross blood drive centers.

It has also distributed more than 500,000 bottles of hand sanitizer and has contributed $3 million to COVID-19 relief for bar and restaurant workers.

Watch the commercial in the video below.