New Breakfast Flavored Ramen Introduced By Cup Noodles

Nissin Foods USA

As the cost of eggs, bacon, and other traditional breakfast foods continuing to rise, many people are looking for more affordable alternatives to eat and one surprising option that has entered the market is breakfast ramen.

Created by the company Cup Noodles, they have released a product called the Cup Noodles Breakfast and it’s a soup-based ramen that combines the flavors of sausage, maple syrup pancakes, and eggs in a saucy texture.

The easy-to-make meal takes just four minutes to cook in the microwave and features ingredients you can visually see with your eyes, such as sausage and eggs.

Those eating the noodles are even encouraged to customize the meal with adding things like hot sauce, more syrup, or even rice.

According to Priscila Stanton, senior vice president and marketing for Nissin Foods USA, the idea behind Cup Noodles Breakfast was to bring all of the great breakfast cravings into a cup while giving people an affordable way to eat.

Stanton framed the option as a “classic diner breakfast in a cup” without the trouble of having to spend $20 or more to make a full meal using all of those ingredients.

“The wacky mix of ingredients is on brand for Cup Noodle, which often fuses traditional noodles with local flavors that it thinks will be appealing to consumers,” Neil Saunders, an analyst at GlobalData Retail, also added, according to CNN. He also added that some people are “turned off” from eating the traditional ramen flavors and may “be more interested in sweet flavors they associate with traditional breakfasts.”

The Cup Noodles Breakfast hit the market for $1.18 starting on Wednesday (March 29) at select Walmart stores and on the Cup Noodles’ website.

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