Natty Light Giving Away Beer For A Year – Here’s How To Enter

Natural Light (left) BigScott Collard (right) / Facebook

Natty Light has decided to bring back the old circa 1977 vintage beer can that was once loved and a fan favorite, but that’s not the only thing that will be coming back with it!

“BEER IS ONLY A HAIRCUT AWAY,” Natural Light wrote on Facebook.

According to the beer company, Natural Light will be giving away one full year’s worth of beer to a lucky fan who gets their haircut in the style of a mullet and shares the photo on social media.

Yes, that is correct. Natty Light is trying to bring back the notorious mullet in one genius marking campaign that already has produced loads of photos of men with mullet cuts on the internet.

All you have to do to enter the contest is get a mullet haircut and post a photo of it on social media with the hashtags #NattyVintage and #sweeps between now and March 31 and you could be the winner.

Natty says they will keep the shipment of beer coming to you for the entire year as long as you keep rocking the mullet.

Barbers all over the world say that the mullet has been making a major comeback recently and is mainly worn by generation Z, celebrities, and a few good old boys back in the sticks.

During the year of 2021, the mullet was the most searched hairstyle of the year with over 15.5 million searches, increasing 142% from the previous year.

“The mullet might be returning, but true Natty Fans know it never really went out of style,” Daniel Blake, Group VP, Budweiser & Value at Anheuser-Busch said, according to Food Beast. “That’s why we want to make it easier than ever for fans to celebrate this iconic look. And though this hairdo has stood the test of time, these Natural Light Vintage Cans are limited edition so be sure to grab them before they’re gone!”

Will you be participating?