Nashville Tornado Leaves Bibles, Crosses “Nearly Untouched”

WVLT, Carly Pearce / Instagram

For over 24 hours, first responders, volunteers, and residents have been attempting to clean up the wreckage that a deadly tornado left after touching down in Nashville, Tennessee and its surrounding counties on Tuesday (March 3).

According to WBIR, 24 people have died and the number of people missing is at 22, which has been lowered from 90 people who were reported missing early Tuesday night (March 3). 19 of the people who died were residents of Putnam County, WVLT reports.

While cleaning up in Putnam County, first responders uncovered something incredible…a family bible that looked “nearly untouched.” Upon flipping through the pages, Sparta Police Department Officer Denton said, “There’s not a page gone in this Bible. It’s a family Bible. We’d like to find out whose family Bible it was.”

WVLT reports that crews found two other untouched bibles and are working on returning them all to the people they belong to.

These bibles surviving the tornado isn’t the only time that people of Christian faith have felt the Lord on their side. 

Carly Pearce shared an image she stumbled upon that stopped her in her tracks. The photo was taken from inside a house, which no longer has a roof. You can also see the garage, which is barely standing. A wall that survived the tornado was decorated with Jesus hanging on a cross.

I’m truly at a loss for words as to the devastation to our city today, but I randomly came across this photo that stopped me in my tracks. Through it all, Jesus is here. I pray for everyone affected & the homes and lives lost,” she captioned the photo.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected.

Watch the news report on the seemingly untouched bible below.