“Nashville” Actress Gives 1st Interview Following The Death Of Her Brother

Good Morning America / YouTube

Hayden Panettiere is returning to the spotlight to promote her upcoming movie Scream 6, where she plays Kirby Reed beginning in the franchise’s fourth film.

She stopped by Good Morning America to speak with Michael Strahan about returning to acting after taking four years off, and why she chose the Scream franchise to make her big return. She admits that when she heard there would be a Scream 5, she wanted to be part of it so called the people in charge and asked, so they eventually wrote her back into Scream 6 after dropping a discreet Easter egg in Scream 5.

Stepping back in the spotlight was probably a bittersweet moment for the veteran actor, seeing as she recently lost her younger brother, Jansen, at the young age of 28 on February 19.

Their family released a stament on February 27, which read, “Jansen’s heart could be seen in his eyes, and his charm in his brilliant, engaging smile; his soul in his masterful and revealing paintings, and the joy of life in his dry wit. His charisma, warmth, compassion for others, and his creative spirit will live forever in our hearts and in the hearts of all whom he encountered. Though it offers little solace, the Medical Examiner reported Jansen’s sudden passing was due to cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), coupled with aortic valve complications.”

When wrapping up the interview, Strahan offered his condolences to Panettiere, and she became visibly emotional, and even choked up a little.

“He’s right here with me,” she said while placing her hand over her heart.

We are keeping Hayden and her family in our prayers. Watch the clip below.