NASCAR Legend Shares Devastating Cancer Update

Jonathan Ferrey / Getty Images

The legendary NASCAR and IndyCar driver revealed the news to his fans just days after finding out himself – and he’s asking for your prayers.

Known for his iconic family name that’s synonymous with all-star race car drivers, John Andretti is also known for his own legendary performance on both NASCAR and IndyCar tracks. He’s become one of the most-recognized drivers throughout multiple series of racing.

In 2017, Andretti revealed that he was battling colon cancer and had been diagnosed as stage four. Following that, he kicked off a campaign to get folks screened earlier to prevent people from going through what he had.

Andretti first discovered his cancer during his very first and routine colonoscopy, calling it the “silent killer” and encouraging his thousands of followers to speak with their doctors about doing early screenings to help fight the disease.

Now, the 55-year-old motorsports legend has revealed that following surgeries and his chemo treatments – his cancer has not only returned, but it has spread as well.

His first surgery removed 12-14 inches of his colon. Scans later showed that the cancer had spread to his liver and spleen – then he got the news that both his gallbladder and spleen were cancer free. Now, he says, he’s looking for treatment options and is thanking everyone for their continued prayers.

The support from within the NASCAR community is outstanding and many folks responded to his tweet with their own prayers and well wishes.

Our thoughts and prayers are with John Andretti and his family during this time.