NASCAR Driver Busted On Twitter By His ‘Slightly Grumpy Wife’

Will Schneekloth/Getty Images

NASCAR driver Kyle Busch had a rough night on Saturday, August 18th, 2018 in Bristol, and apparently carried his work home with him. But, thanks to his wife he got a good-natured reality check.

Busch’s race at Bristol Motor Speedway didn’t go as planned. In fact, the veteran driver caused a 15-car wreck on the second lap of the race. He also made contact with Martin Truex Jr. and put an end to that driver’s pursuit of a victory. He later crashed himself out three laps from the finish and earned a heartbreaking 20th place finish.

In addition to getting beat up on the track, Busch got into a minor altercation with a fan while he was signing autographs following the race. Video captured by a bystander shows Busch getting off a golf cart to confront a disgruntled fan. Busch stayed in the man’s face and appeared to bump chests with him before the man backs away.

Apparently, Busch decided to decompress from the stressful day by spending several hours responding to fans (and haters) on Twitter. But, Busch’s wife Samantha wasn’t having it an decided to reach her husband the only way she knew how….with a tweet of her own.

“Dear @KyleBusch I am very tired and the light from your phone is keeping me up. Considering your not listening to me next to you I’m going to tweet you in hopes of getting a response. Love, your sleepy and slightly grumpy wife,” she wrote.

Samantha’s trick worked, but Kyle got the last word. “Busted. Fun police showed up,” he posted.

Busch was leading the NASCAR Monster Energy Cup standings with 1,003 points at this point in the season – with six overall victories. He has won a Cup event at Bristol seven times in his career.