Myrtle Beach Doctor Awarded After Healing “Worst Viper Bite Ever Survived”

Bernard DUPONT / Wiki Commons

The Myrtle Beach Fire Department released a statement on March 1 congratulating a Myrtle Beach doctor for saving the life of a man bitten by one of the most venomous snake bites he’s ever seen someone survive.

Myrtle Beach Fire Department wrote on Facebook, “Today MBFD presented a Civilian Life Saving award to Grand Strand Hospital’s Dr. Jarratt Lark. Dr. Lark and MBFD Paramedic Thad Bowman saved the life of a man bitten by a Gaboon Viper, which is said to be one of the deadliest venomous snakes in the world.”

The North Carolina man was bitten by the Gaboon Viper in Wilmington, North Carolina, and transported to the local hospital where doctors immediately got to work trying to save his life.

They didn’t have enough antivenom so they called to see if they could get more antivenom from Dr. Lark from the Grand Strand Medical Center, and Myrtle Beach Fire Department paramedic Thad Bowman, who works part-time at North Myrtle Beach’s Alligator Adventure, and who both have extensive knowledge and experience with treating venomous bites.

Thad said he got the call in the middle of the night and hopped to his feet and quickly sent the antivenom he had at Alligator Adventure to the hospital where the bitten man was.

Myrtle Beach Fire Department said, “Thad was contacted to supply exotic antivenom from Alligator Adventure. Dr. Lark and Thad made numerous trips to Wilmington at the request of the doctors from the local hospital.” 

After that, Dr. Lark and Thad helped guide the medical team at the hospital in treating the patient with the proper doses, which was 44 in total and more than Dr. Lark, Thad and the doctors at the hospital had ever seen.

“He’s truly a miracle,” Dr. Lark told ABC. “To be alive and as functional as he is is truly a miraculous outcome.”

“If not for the actions of Dr. Lark, Thad, and all others involved, the patient would not have survived. Grand Strand Medical Center #earnit #greatjob,” Myrtle Beach Fire Department added.