Morgan Wallen’s Son Treated To Shopping Spree After Suffering Dog Bite

Morgan Wallen/YouTube/KT Smith/Instagram

Morgan Wallen’s son, Indigo Wilder, was treated to a shopping spree every kid dreams about!

The dreamy day came a week after little Indie was bitten in the face by his mom’s rescue dog.

In a video posted to Instagram, Indie’s mom, KT Smith, is seen giving the 2-year-old two cards to choose from….cake pop or ice cream. He is then seen smiling with a cake pop in hand. Indie then gets to choose between Target and Walmart, and 5 toys or 10 toys. The lucky kiddo draws the Walmart card and gets to pick out 10 toys.

The video shows Indie, donning an adorable banana face bandage, giddy as he eagerly grabs toys off the shelf, including a hot wheels race track and an r/c truck which he later drives down a flight of stairs.


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The video is the first shared of Indie since a frightening incident sent him to the emergency room on Father’s Day.

Indie’s mom, Morgan Wallen‘s ex KT Smith, shared news of the incident in a series of clips posted to her Instagram story the day after it happened. Smith shared that her rescue dog, a great pyrenees named Legend, had rescued had bitten Indie on the face. The toddler was sent to the emergency room where he received stitches.

“Yesterday, he bit Indigo in the face and [he] had to have stitches and we spent yesterday morning at the emergency room,” KT shared.

Smith posted the videos in an effort to find Legend a new home. She added that she had been told to “put the dog down” because it was aggressive, but felt that the pup would make a good pet for a family without young children.

“I know there are options that I could have done with keeping him with a muzzle on around the house. He doesn’t deserve that either and I can’t be a mom that keeps a dog in the house when my child is also traumatized probably from that,” Smith said in the emotional videos. “I can’t be a good dog mom to him keeping a muzzle on him or a good mom in general having a kid just really scared of him in the home. I’m getting Indigo back home tomorrow and he has to be gone by then and I cannot put him down either because like I said he doesn’t deserve that either.”


Smith, who was previously engaged to Morgan Wallen, updated followers that she had found a new home for Legend and that Indie would be okay with just minimal scarring to his face.

In her Instagram story Monday night (January 26), she shared new pics of Indie with a smaller face bandage than was seen in his shopping spree video. We’re glad to see little Indie happy and healing!

Morgan Wallen's son Indigo Wilder healing from dog bite
KT Smith/Instagram

Morgan Wallen has yet to comment on his son’s injury.