Morgan Wallen Invites Family Of Murdered Idaho College Student To His Show

Ethan's Smile Foundation/Facebook

Morgan Wallen gifts concert tickets to family of Idaho murder victim.

Most of us have heard the tragic story about the four college students at University of Idaho who were murdered in their off-campus home in November of 2022. The story made headlines all over the world, and the suspect was eventually apprehended and charged with the murder of the four young adults.

Among the four students was 20-year-old Ethan Chapin who shared a special bond with his mom over a sentimental Morgan Wallen song, “Thought You Should Know.” Morgan co-wrote the song with Miranda Lambert and Nicolle Galyon for his mom, Lesli.

Some of the lyrics of the song will melt any mother’s heart as they are so relatable. “I thought you should know that all those prayers you thought you wasted on me must’ve finally made their way on through,” part of the lyrics read.

According to Stacy, Ethan’s mom, Ethan sent her the song on Mother’s Day of 2022 and said it could be their song. She reminisced saying, “It was a very touching moment between us. I listen to ‘I Thought You Should Know’ all the time.”

“He was like, ’Mom, that’s pretty fitting for you,'” Stacy reminisced. “It will now always forever be my most favorite song.”

This sweet story eventually made its way to Morgan Wallen.

After discovering the sentimental ties this grieving family had to his song, he gifted the family free tickets to his show at Petco Park in San Diego for his One Night at a Time World Tour. He included a meet and greet before the show, and Morgan’s mom, Lesli, even flew in for the occasion.

Stacy Chapin poses with Morgan Wallen's mom, Lesli.
Ethan’s Smile Foundation/ Facebook

Stacy told Fox News Digital, “It was amazing… It was literally full circle. His mom was there, and he visited and was kind. His mother was amazing. We all took lots of pictures.”

In a post made to social media, Stacy shared why the song was special to her and how the meeting with Morgan came about.

“On Mother’s Day 2022, Ethan sent me the best text about how Morgan Wallen had written a song for his mom, Lesli Wallen, and how that could be our song.  It was a very touching moment between us. I listen to ‘I Thought You Should Know’ all the time. I’ve told this story a lot, and to our surprise, a very kind person made an introduction.

Last night, we met Morgan Wallen! He kindly gifted our family and friends tickets to his show in San Diego. Morgan’s mom, Lesli, even flew in! It was an incredibly bittersweet full-circle moment.”

The grieving mother said that the show would have been enough, but Morgan went above and beyond. The “Last Night” singer also donated to the foundation they have set up in honor of Ethan—The Ethan Smile Foundation.

“Truthfully, the show would have been enough. We were all over the moon, and then Morgan handed us a donation check to the @ethanssmilefoundation. It was one of the kindest gestures in my life. I still cannot believe it happened, and it isn’t easy to recognize it all came at a massive cost to our family. Morgan, thank you for everything”

Ethan’s Smile Foundation was made to honor Ethan through education scholarships for students in Skagit Valley.

You can donate to the foundation HERE.

Watch the video for “Thought You Should Know” below.