Morgan Wallen Fans React To His New Look

Sara Thorpe / TikTok

RIP to Morgan Wallen’s signature Mullet.

Morgan Wallen might be single-handedly responsible for mullets coming back into style. Wallen has been well-known for his signature mullet for several years now. Before the mullet, he actually had a shoulder length hairstyle meaning he has never been seen without his luscious locks before now. Wallen really went all out and shaved his head. He could have just trimmed it up, but this man is all or nothing.

Morgan absolutely shocked his fans during his most recent concert on Friday, August 11, when he took the stage of Ohio Stadium in Columbus, Ohio —slick bald.

His new look instantly blew up on social media as fans in attendance posted about the drastic change. The posts show him modeling a red ball cap, but what’s underneath? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

“Before we get any further… I didn’t like my long hair anymore so I shaved it off,” Wallen casually told the crowd.

@countrycentral Mullet era over #morganwallen #lastnight #mullet #countrymusic ♬ Last Night – Morgan Wallen


The fact that Morgan Wallen is now bald is pretty comical, but the reaction from his fans might be even funnier.

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While this change seems to have caught everyone off guard, the singer actually teased the idea two years ago.

The “Last Night” singer posted a video on his Instagram story over two years ago saying “Hey. Y’all thought I was hidin’. I’m out here gettin’ after it. If I don’t come back shredded on y’all, it’ll be a d*** shame. Might shave my head, too.”

It sounds like it was just a matter of time before this finally happened.