Moose Walked Into Garage Party & This Is What Happened

Jacob Rintala / Facebook

Jacob Rintala from Sudbury, Massachusetts was very surprised on Saturday night when a bull moose decided to join him and his friends in their garage while they were partying.

Jacob Rintala / Facebook

The guys were just hanging out having a good time when the moose walked into the open garage door. Jacob surprised and a bit amused decided to whip out his phone and record the encounter.

“Hey, bud,” Jacob said to the moose in the video before reaching out his hand and asking, “Can I pet you?” 

The moose seemed very friendly and stepped a little closer letting the Massachusetts resident pet him on the nose for a second. The guys all laughed in astonishment at the experience that was unfolding in front of them.

Jacob Rintala / Facebook

Everything was all fine and friendly but out of an abundance of caution, when the moose decided to take another step forward into the garage, Jacob took a few steps back and instructed his friends to do the same.

“Just chilling with the boys,” one of the friends laughed.

Go ahead and watch the full video below to see how it all went down but, WARNING, some strong language is used in the video you’re about to watch so make sure it may suitable for all viewers before clicking play.

Moose Encounter Video Below