Mom Tricks Daughter With “Pregnant Turkey” Prank On Thanksgiving

YouTube: Nerissa Hawkinson

Video Of Mom’s Hilarious Thanksgiving Prank Goes Viral

The holidays are about getting the family together, feasting on some delicious food, and remembering what we’re thankful for.

Photo of a traditional Thanksgiving dinner
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But the holidays are also about pranking the ones you love the most, even if a few harmless tears are involved. Right? Well, that’s at least the case in one family.

Years ago, one mom played a Thanksgiving prank on her daughter and filmed her reaction. The resulting video was hilarious, and it went viral online. You’ve likely seen the clip resurface each Thanksgiving since it was originally posted in 2013.

The Mom Tricked Her Daughter Into Thinking She Cooked A “Pregnant” Thanksgiving Turkey

So what was the prank? The mom stuffed the family’s Thanksgiving turkey with a smaller bird, either a chicken, duck, or Cornish hen. Then, she had her daughter go scoop the stuffing out of the turkey, and waited for her reaction.

With the camera rolling, the mom caught the exact moment when her daughter discovered their Thanksgiving turkey was “expecting.” Her reaction was hilarious to say the least.

Mom this isn’t funny. I am crying.” The daughter said hysterically. “Mom, it’s a baby turkey…I’m sad right now. Stop recording. Mom she was pregnant!”

In an absolute state of shock, the daughter forgot that turkeys lay eggs and do not get “pregnant.” Whoops!

It isn’t clear how many other family members were in on the prank. But judging by her sister’s uncontrollable laughter, we’d take a guess that she knew what was going on.

The Original “Pregnant Turkey” Prank Video Has Been Watched Millions Of Times

YouTube user Nerissa Hawkinson uploaded the video in 2013 and it immediately took off. It’s still an internet sensation after all these years. Leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday in 2023, it had nearly 16 million views on YouTube alone, and over 5,000 comments.

Watch the priceless video HERE!

Many have tried to replicate the prank, as you can see in the video below. Have you ever attempted the same prank on someone in your family?