Miranda Lambert’s Husband Stars In Her Music Video For “Settling Down”

Miranda Lambert / YouTube

Miranda Lambert‘s “Settling Down,” has her at a crossroads in her mind. She is torn between her drive to follow her wild gypsy spirit and her desire to be more of a homebody.

One reason she’s feeling a strong draw toward “settling down” is because she has found a person she loves. As she sings, “Am I looking for comfort? Am I looking for an escape? Am I looking for you? Am I looking the other way?”

In real life, Miranda did find that person that makes her feel comfortable no matter where she is. That person is her husband Brendan McLoughlin, who she married in secret in January 2019.

After surely serving as a source of inspiration behind “Settling Down,” it only made sense to get Brendan involved in the song’s music video. He and Miranda began teasing his appearance in her music video a few days before it was released.

“My video debut…” Brendan wrote next to a candid shot taken of him and Miranda when they were filming the video.


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My video debut…coming tonight at 6pm ET. #settlingdown #bts ?: @_blythethomas

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When the music video for “Settling Down” was finally released, fans were absolutely enchanted. The video opens with clips of Miranda looking like a princess as she rides one of her stunning Gypsy Vanner horses out in the wilderness.

These clips are juxtaposed with footage of her snuggling in a hammock with Brendan, watching him fish, and dancing with him in the kitchen. This opposition between clips represents the two sides of Miranda’s spirit: her wild side that yearns to be free, and the side of her that wants to settle down and build a life with her husband.

In the end, Miranda rides her horse home, where Brendan is waiting for her. In that moment, even the wild child version of Miranda finds herself at peace as her husband kisses her forehead and helps her lead her horse into the stable.

Overall, the music video for “Settling Down” is both stunning and romantic. It’s something you have to see for yourself, so be sure to watch it below.

We love seeing how happy Miranda and Brendan look together!