Miranda Lambert Reveals Why She Was Nervous To Ask Reba To Join Her At Stagecoach

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

While headlining Stagecoach last weekend, Miranda Lambert surprised the audience during her performance by inviting country music legend Reba McEntire as a special guest. However, Lambert confessed she was initially nervous about asking McEntire to join her on stage.

During Lambert’s 22-song set at Stagecoach on Saturday, April 27, the audience was in for a surprise when Reba McEntire came out to perform alongside her.

Together, they performed three songs, including McEntire’s iconic hit “Fancy.” After the show, Lambert opened up about her nerves regarding asking McEntire to collaborate in an exclusive interview with Country Living.

“I was nervous to ask her,” Lambert admitted. “I mean, obviously, because she’s one of my heroes, but she is a friend, and Reba is a number one class act. She does everything so professionally and she’s super fun to be around, but you know it’s a big favor to ask to come all the way to California to sing a couple of songs. So, I asked her and she was like ‘heck yeah, I’ll do it.'”

Thankfully, Lambert’s request paid off, as their collaboration easily became one of the most talked-about performances of the weekend.

In addition to McEntire’s appearance, Lambert also debuted a new track titled “Wrangler,” officially released on May 3.

Written by Audra Mae, Evan McKeever, and Ryan Carpenter, the song serves as a powerful anthem, depicting a woman reclaiming control over her life.

“I think we can all identify with the character in this song, because we have all had a time in our life where we needed to find our strength, and also get a little revenge on someone who did us wrong or hurt us,” Lambert said. “This offers such a cool, raging take on how something like this unravels. I think the songwriters nailed it.”

Listen to Miranda Lambert’s new song “Wrangler” below.