Mike Fisher’s Powerful Reaction To Carrie’s Massive Honor

Instagram/Mike Fisher, YouTube/InHisGrip

After months of delay following Carrie Underwood‘s terrible fall back in November 2017, one of the biggest awards in her entire career has finally been bestowed upon her – and it’s one that has had an effect on her husband, Mike Fisher, too.

Just a little more than a day after she appeared at the 52nd Annual CMA Awards – and won the trophy for Female Vocalist of the Year – Carrie Underwood was honored in another huge way, and it was one she’d been waiting to accept for nearly a year!

Last year, Underwood fell down on the steps leading up to her Nashville home and fractured her wrist and also split her lip open in a major way. The ensuing recovery and surgery forced her to miss one of the most meaningful award ceremonies of her life – the Oklahoma Hall of Fame induction.

Back in 2017, she’d been announced as one of the newest recipients, but sadly had to cancel after her nasty slip and fall – however, the Hall of Fame moved her induction to 2018 and that day finally came for her.

The native Oklahoman was blessed with this heartfelt honor on the evening of November 15th, 2018 after driving through snow and some bad weather to make it.

Following the ceremony, Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher took to Instagram and gushed about his beautiful and humble wife in a way that would melt anyone’s heart.

“Congrats [Carrie] on the Oklahoma hall of fame induction! God has given you one of the best voices, crazy work ethic and platform you’ve never taken for granted. You’ve remained humble in all the success and never craved the attention or fame one bit. Thanks for always being the small town girl from Oklahoma even thou[sic] your[sic] one of the biggest stars!”

Read his full statement and see the sweet photos he shared below! Congrats, Carrie – we couldn’t be happier for you!