Mia Robertson Faces Setback, Requires Another Surgery

Jase Robertson / Instagram

Duck Dynasty Star Mia Robertson Was Born With A Bilateral Cleft Lip And Palate

Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson have been on a long and challenging journey in regards to their daughter, Mia’s, health. She was born with a bilateral cleft lip and palate, and underwent her first surgery when she was only three months old.

Mia, who is now 19, has undergone many more surgeries since. In 2022, she underwent what she and her parents hoped would be her last surgery ever.

@miarobertson1 was just wheeled away for what we are anticipating is her last cleft-related surgery,” Jase said in a post on social media. “Surgeon says it will take him 3 hours and his goal is to never see her in this setting again. We pray he is correct. Thanks for always loving our girl!

Mia Robertson on a previous surgery day
Jase Robertson / Instagram

Unfortunately, Mia recently experienced a setback. Missy explained the situation in a post on Instagram.

Mia Robertson Requires Another Operation

She started by apologizing to another woman in the waiting room who was upset her own appointment was delayed. Missy said:

“To the lady in the waiting room yesterday who was complaining about how inconvenient it was for her to wait on her child who hadn’t been seen yet (45 minutes behind), I apologize on behalf of my daughter. It was totally her fault. See, she and her surgeon came to the conclusion a few minutes prior that she is to have another jaw distraction surgery before moving forward in her cleft care.”

Missy went on to describe Mia’s current situation. She said, “What seemed like would be a minor surgery (scheduled today) turned into a more serious set-back in her cleft lip/palate journey.”

Missy said Mia agreed with her surgeon that taking this “hard road” could result in “the greatest possible outcome.” It was a “tough choice” for her to make, but one that will hopefully improve her health and well-being in the future.

“Mia’s entire cleft team is unbelievably caring,” Missy said. “Most have been there her entire life! God has been so good to Mia! Thank you all for praying and letting this mama share with you what is on our hearts. We will keep you posted!”

Read Missy’s full update on Mia below. We’ll be keeping her in our prayers.