Memphis Aldean Smiles When He Sees Ladies On The Beach, Waves & Says “Hi Girls!”

Brittany Aldean / Instagram

Jason and Brittany Aldean‘s son, Memphis, already has a way with the ladies!

Brittany took to Instagram to share a video that proves she may have her work cut out for her when Memphis is older. The cute clip shows her relaxing with her son on the beach, and she asks him what he’s doing.

Playing on the beach,” Memphis responds.

Brittany, charmed by her adorable son, says “I love you so much.”

But instead of giving his mom a response, a distracted Memphis suddenly spots some ladies walking on the beach, and exclaims “Oh, Girls!

He smiles and starts waving at the ladies, and it sounds like one of them says “Hi” to him. That makes him smile even wider, as he shouts “Hi girls!

Brittany couldn’t help but laugh, saying, “Oh no, I’m in trouble.”


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Brittany reiterated that message in the caption she wrote for the video, which read “IM [sic] IN SO MUCH TROUBLE…” and was accompanied by a broken heart emoji.

It stands to reason why Memphis is already confident when it comes to interacting with the ladies. He is surrounded by women in his life, including his mom, his aunt Kasi, and his three sisters, Keeley, Kendyl, and Navy.

Isn’t Memphis the cutest?

If you haven’t gotten enough of his adorable antics yet, be sure to check out the video below. It shows him sharing some snacks with his little sister, Navy, and it’s as precious as can be.

Jason and Brittany’s kids are adorable, that’s for certain!