Meet Cody Johnson’s Wife, Brandi – He Owes Her “Everything”

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Introducing Cody Johnson’s Beautiful Wife Brandi – Learn More About Her & Their Life Together

Cody Johnson believes he owes “everything” to his wife, Brandi. As he told Cowboys & Indians magazine in 2023:

“I pretty much owe everything I have to her. I pray daily, ‘Thank you for this woman…'”

Keep reading to learn more about Brandi, her and Cody’s life together, and how she inspires his music.

Brandi & Cody’s Paths Crossed As Teens, But It Wasn’t Love At First Sight

Cody and Brandi were only teenagers when their paths first intertwined. Brandi was only 14 years old when she saw her future husband for the first time. Cody was 17, and was performing at a Future Farmers of America (FFA) event.

Young Cody was injured in a bull riding accident before the performance. But he didn’t let that stop him. He performed with his cast and crutches.

Though it wasn’t love at first sight for Cody and Brandi. They didn’t officially meet each other until four years later.

Cody noticed Brandi walking across the dance floor at Shenanigans, a bar in Huntsville, Texas. He approached her, asked for her number, and the rest is history.


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Brandi Left College To Help Support Cody’s Musical Dreams

When I met her I was a pretty crazy young guy and she’s helped me grow,” Cody told New Country 96.3 in 2022. She’s helped me become a man that I’m proud to be.”

The couple moved in together one month into their relationship. Cody popped the question after one year of dating, and they married the year after that.

Brandi was a steadfast supporter of Cody’s music career from the start. As Cowboys & Indians details, she encouraged him to leave his job at a prison in order to pursue music full time. Brandi ended up quitting college and took two jobs so she could help support Cody on his musical journey.

Cody Johnson and his wife Brandi
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Cody said:

She had all the faith in me. I compensated for my lack of confidence in a lot of bad ways. She recently said, ‘I always knew you would be this man. I knew this man was in that boy.’ What an intuitive woman. There are times I’ve wanted to quit music, in the last five years even. Iv’e come home and said, ‘I’m done. I can’t do this anymore. It’s eating me up.’ And she’d say, ‘Yes you can. You got to. You’ve got to get back to work, have a better mindset, and push through.’ And I did. If I had to give it all up for her, I’d do it.

Cody Johnson & His Wife Brandi Share Two Children

Brandi tends to live her life out of the spotlight, along with her and Cody’s children. They have two daughters, Clara Mae and Cori.

We don’t spoil our kids to where they can have whatever they want,” Cody told PEOPLE in 2022. “If you want something, you’re gonna work for it. Your mom’s not your maid. You’re gonna clean your stuff up.”

Cody Johnson with his wife Brandi and their two daughters
Cody Johnson / Instagram

He and Brandi do their best to teach their girls about the value of hard work. “This is not just, ‘You’re gonna watch me on TV tonight and it looks real glamorous.’ It’s a lot of miles, a lot of work,” he said.

Brandi Inspires Cody’s Music & Helps Him With His Music Videos

While we don’t always see Brandi in front of the camera, she’s often helping her husband behind the scenes. She played a pivotal role in creating his music video for 2018’s “On My Way to You.”

Brandi found the perfect producer for the video and also scouted out its location. Cody told PEOPLE she had a “great vision” for the video, which now has over 34 million views on YouTube.

Brandi makes an appearance near the end of the video. She also appears in Cody’s videos for songs such as “Human” and “With You I Am.”

More indirectly, Brandi inspires Cody to sing the songs he does. As just one example, his new song “The Painter” is dedicated to Brandi.

The song’s cover art and accompanying lyric video both feature images of Brandi. Beyond that, Cody said:

“My favorite lyric in ‘The Painter’ is ‘for every wall I built, she saw a canvas.’ If there’s anything that describes my marriage with my wife, Brandi, it’s that line. And that’s why we’ve been together for 15 years.”

You can listen to “The Painter” in the clip below. The song is featured on Johnson’s brand-new album, Leather.