Matthew Perry Once Shared How He Wanted To Be Remembered

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Friends Star Matthew Perry Has Died At The Age Of 54

On Saturday (October 28), TMZ broke the news that actor Matthew Perry had died at the age of 54. According to law enforcement officials who spoke with the outlet, Perry was found unresponsive in a jacuzzi at his home in the Los Angeles area.

These officials also noted that no drugs were found at the scene and foul play is not suspected.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Department spoke with PEOPLE about the news. The spokesperson told the publication “officers responded to a call at Perry’s address regarding the death of a male in his 50s, but would not confirm the deceased’s identity.”


Perry’s death comes just one year after the Friends star released his vulnerable memoir, Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing. In it, Perry opened up about his addictions to drugs and alcohol. These addictions resulted in many health problems, including:

“…an exploded colon, a brief stint on life support, two weeks in a coma, nine months with a colostomy bag, more than a dozen stomach surgeries, and the realization that, by the time he was 49, he had spent more than half of his life in treatment centers or sober living facilities.”

Matthew Perry on the cover at for his memoir

How Matthew Perry Wanted To Be Remembered

In November 2022, Perry attended the Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival to speak about his memoir. Perry was born in Massachusetts, but spent the majority of his childhood in Canada, mostly in Ottawa, Ontario. His mother, Suzanne, is a Canadian journalist who served as the press secretary for Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Perry was thrilled to be back in Canada to speak about his book in 2022. He shared a post on Facebook about the Hot Docs festival, saying:

“Oh Canada, how I’ve missed you! So nice being back to my home country to share a glimpse of my story with you all. To all of you who have come out to listen to me speak about my journey at @hotdocs_ – it means the world, thank you.”

During his appearance at the festival, Perry was asked how he’d like to be remembered. A video of his answer resurfaced on Twitter following his death.

Perry responded:

I would like to be remembered as somebody who lived well, loved well, was a seeker, and his paramount thing is that he wants to help people. That’s what I want.

The audience gave Perry a warm round of applause after hearing his response. You can watch the video below.

Perry will certainly be remembered for all of the things he hoped he would be…