Marty Robbins Showcases His Talent While Singing “Ribbon Of Darkness” Live

Classic Country Music / YouTube

Alright y’all! Let’s talk about the legend himself…Marty Robbins.

Robbins was a major country music star back in the day. But he was also so much more. He did it all – singing, songwriting, acting, and even racing cars.

He gave us some of the biggest hits of his time, like “El Paso” and “My Woman, My Woman, My Wife.” Robbins wrote both of those tunes and a countless number of his other singles.

But did you know that “Ribbon of Darkness,” another one of his hits, was actually written by a Canadian singer and songwriter? That singer-songwriter was none other than Gordon Lightfoot.

Robbins released his version of “Ribbon of Darkness” in 1965. It became his 11th number one single.

Other artists followed up by sharing their own covers of the song. But Robbins’ recording is still the most well-known rendition.

Consider yourselves lucky, because we discovered a video of Robbins singing “Ribbon of Darkness” live at the Grand Ole Opry. The footage is pure gold, to say the least.

Robbins was not only an amazing singer, but he was also a talented entertainer. You can see that in this clip, which shows him rocking a green Western suit, twisting around onstage, and making silly expressions while looking at the audience.

The video is about two minutes long, but it’s totally worth it. Y’all have to watch and see how awesome Robbins was. It’s a shame we lost him so soon…

Thankfully, we have videos like this to keep his memory alive.