Maren Morris Files For Divorce From Ryan Hurd

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Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd are calling it quits after five years of marriage.

33-year-old Morris filed for divorce on October 2 citing “irreconcilable differences.” The couple share 3 1/2-year-old son, Hayes Andrew. As of press time, neither party has spoken publicly about the split.

Maren Morris first met Ryan Hurd in 2013 while co-writing Tim McGraw’s hit “Last Turn Home.” Two years later they started a romantic relationship, eventually saying “I do” in 2018.

“We had been friends for only a couple of years, but there was always this writing chemistry in the room, and eventually, the timing of it was undeniable. We had such a foundation built off writing so many songs over the years that we were like, ‘Why are we avoiding this?'” Morris told PEOPLE in 2017.

The pair have openly supported each other’s careers over the course of their relationship, with Hurd recently coming to Maren’s defense after she announced her exit from country music in September.

“She deserves to be celebrated, not just tolerated,” Hurd wrote. “I’m so sick of watching my wife get the s— kicked out of her by the internet. I’m sick of every talking head having some kind of stupid opinion about what she says. It’s the same every time, why are you surprised when she calls out something racist or homophobic, I’m sick of people getting rewarded for it.”


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Maren and Ryan celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary in March. Hurd took to social media to celebrate the day by sharing a photo and writing, “Happy 5 years, MM. Lots of music, lots of places, lots of great times and a baby. It’s been the greatest.”


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The news of Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd’s divorce comes just one month after Morris’s public announcement that she is leaving country music.

The exit from the genre was a long time coming for Morris who has distanced herself from the country music community in recent years. She has been outspoken again the genre, even saying that she wasn’t comfortable attending the CMA Awards in 2022 after a public dispute with Jason Aldean and his wife Brittany.

She told the LA Times that she thought she would burn down country music and start fresh,But it’s burning itself down without my help.”


An advocate for the LGBTQ+ community and the Black Lives Matter movement, Morris said that her political stance made her unpopular in the country music community.

“I’ve always been an asker of questions and a status quo challenger just by being a woman. So it wasn’t really even a choice,” Morris said. “The further you get into the country music business, that’s when you start to see the cracks. And once you see it, you can’t un-see it.”

She chose remove herself from the “drama within the community” and focus on music.

“I’m trying to mature here and realize I can just walk away from the parts of this that no longer make me happy,” she said.