Man Vanishes, Police Fear He Was Taken By Crocodiles In Australia

9 News Far North Queensland / Facebook (left) - Queensland Police / Twitter (right)

Anthony Vanharen, a 42-year-old man who loves to fish and is known to live on his boat at times was reported missing in Queensland, Australia after police found his boat.

The Weipa Police Department said Anthony has been missing for eight days (since April 30th) and they fear he has been snatched by a crocodile. They say this because they found his boat washed ashore unattended two days after he was last seen.

Inspector Kevin Goan for the Weipa Police Department said he gathered that Anthony was attempting to move his boat that had become stuck in a low tide area highly known for crocodiles when he went missing.

The National Parks and Wildlife officials used drones to survey the area with night-vision trying to find him. However, no other evidence of his disappearance was found. Inspector Kevin said it was not likely that Anthony would have become lost on land because the shoreline leads to a road.

“The survivability for a lost person is high because you would be able to find your way out,” Kevin explained, according to Australia Yahoo News.

Anthony is described as a white male about 5-foot 8-inches tall, skinny, with broad shoulders, and brown hair he wore in a ponytail. If anybody has information on his whereabouts please submit a report online to Crime Stoppers.

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