Man Stopped By TSA Over Christmas Gift His Grandma Told Him Not To Open

Brett Gaffney/TikTok

A California man’s grandma had the best of intentions with her “surprise” Christmas gift to him, but it caused some airport drama.

Brett Gaffney, an actor based in Los Angeles, was visiting family in Kansas when his grandma gave him a mystery gift. Grandma instructed Gaffney not to open the early Christmas gift until he had arrived in California.

“I got stopped at the airport security, and you know what? It was because of this briefcase my grandma gave me as an early Christmas gift, and she said don’t open it until you get to California,” Gaffney shared in a video posted to TikTok.

“I was like, ‘What is in the briefcase? It’s super heavy,’” he added.

“Just wait ’til you get there,” Gaffney’s grandma instructed.

“I was like, ‘Grandma, I’m going to the airport, like I need to know,’” he shared.

Gaffney honored his grandma’s wishes and didn’t open the briefcase, so airport security did the honors.

“They asked me what was inside, and I said, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know,’” Gaffney says. “They said, ‘What do you mean? You’re bringing a briefcase, and you don’t know what’s inside?’”

Gaffney shared that the briefcase raised red flags for security as it passed through the conveyor belt. The TSA agent opened the case to inspect it and informed Gaffney about what was inside – a vintage typewriter.

“Who am I, Tom Hanks?” Gaffney joked in reference to Hanks’ affection for typewriters. “Am I going to go to the park and write a whole book with a typewriter?”

@brett.gaffney Airport Security said this is the second one they have seen today! #brettgaffneyforever #holidaytravel ♬ original sound – brett.gaffney

Upon his return to Los Angeles, Gaffney continued to update his followers on his typewriter drama. In one video he shared that he was tempted to call in sick to work so he could stay home and type. In another he documented the first time he typed something and the excitement that followed.

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