Man Sings ‘You Are My Sunshine’ To Girlfriend Through Window Of Assisted Living Facility


Ed Oliver Bohld met his girlfriend, Mary Lou, more than 25 years ago. Five years ago, Mary Lou was moved to an assisted living facility, but that didn’t stop Bohld from making sure she knew that she is loved.

Bohld told Boston media that he has visited Mary Lou every day since she moved. But, when new guidelines for visitors were put in place due to the coronavirus pandemic, Bohld had to get creative.

According to Bohld, he continued to visit Mary Lou and asked the facility’s staff to allow him to sing to her through her window, but his request was denied.

“I said: ‘No, I don’t expect you to open the window. I have a manly voice. I can be heard through the glass,'” Bohld said.

In a statement issued by the assisted living facility, they claim that Bohld insisted the window be opened and that they denied his request in order to abide by the state’s new restrictions. So, Bohld took matters into his own hands and showed up with media in tow. Footage from WCVB Boston show Bohld calling the facility from outside.

“Guess what? I’m outside Mary Lou’s window with the media. Would someone please bring her to the window, open the blinds, and let me serenade her?” Bohld asked.

The facility obliged, so Bohld stood outside her window, under an umbrella and sang “You Are My Sunshine.” Bohld tearfully told Mary Lou that he loved her and missed her and promised that things would get better soon.

“I will see you soon. All of this will be over eventually,” Bohld said as he fights back tears. “I love you very much. And, I miss you. Bye, sweetie.”

Watch the touching moment unfold in the video below.