Man Merges Chevy Truck With Boat & Gives It A Shark Paint Job

FYI Television Network / Facebook

Kurt is the mastermind behind the incredible shark truck that used to be a 1990s Chevy 3500 pickup truck with a hydraulic dump bed but now he merged it together with a 24ft boat that’s gathering all the eyes from everyone who drives past it.

Kurt who lives in Woodstock, Georgia said he did the whole build almost all by himself, which includes a standard engine, train horns, and a boat that lifts up and down over the Chevy truck, forming one of the most unique vehicles on the road.

The shark truck has no doors but opens up by lifting the infused boat so that the driver can enter the vehicle. Once the driver is behind the wheel, the boat can be lowered back down to form what looks like a boat on wheels driving down the highway.

Everything is custom built and the paint job resembles that of a shark opening and closing its mouth. The driver sits behind the boat’s windshield and the pedals are extended so that everything is proportional sized perfectly.

There is white custom seating that fits two to three people and a custom steel floor that matches the entirety of the vehicle. There are several cameras in place on the vehicle to see all the areas that may not be readily available in mirrors.

The vehicle stretches a whopping 24 feet long and there is seating in the back of the boat-looking truck to fit many more others. Instead of a seat belt in the back, there is a big lap bar for everyone to hold onto like as if they were riding on an amusement park ride.

Take a look at the video below to see the shark truck in its entirety!