Man Jumps Into Bass Pro Shop Aquarium At Florida Mall

@onlyindade / Instagram

Authorities are trying to gather any information that can lead to the arrest of a man who jumped into a fish tank at a Bass Pro Shop in Sweetwater, Florida.

Video taken of the guy shows him climbing up the side of an artificial coral wall at the Dolphin Mall to jump into the fish tank as people stood around filming him. An employee at the mall cleaning the tank sees him and tells him to get down, but the man ignores him.

He jumps high into the air and grabs his legs and does a cannonball into the fish tank. The employee cleaning the tank steps back as a wave of water splashes out of the tank and onto the floor.

@onlyindade / Instagram

Almost just as quickly as he jumped into the tank, he climbed out and took off running. Bass Pro Shop said the act was illegal and they are working with law enforcement to catch the criminal.

The mall has over 200 million visitors per year and Bass Pro Shop wants to provide a safe and enjoyable place for people to shop and experience wildlife. So far, there hasn’t been any word on if the man was caught or not, or the type of charges he may face once apprehended.

Watch Man Jump Into Aquarium Below