“Man He Was Cool” – Tim McGraw Pays Tribute To Elvis On Death Anniversary

(Left) Tim McGraw / Facebook/(Right) Earl Leaf / Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

August 16, 2020 was the 43rd anniversary of Elvis Presley‘s death. “The King” was only 42 years old at the time of his passing in 1977.

Ten years before Elvis passed away, Tim McGraw was born in Start, Louisiana. He grew up with great respect for Elvis and his music, and that respect remains today.

This year, Tim took to social media to pay tribute to Elvis on the anniversary of his death. He shared a picture of Elvis and wrote a short message about if he had the chance to meet anyone, living or deceased, he would pick Elvis in a heartbeat.

I’m often asked who I would like to hang out with with living or passed… and there’s no question…The King..” Tim wrote.

Tim went on to say, “We lost him 43 years ago today..man he was cool.”

If you ever doubted Tim’s appreciation for Elvis, check out the video below. It was filmed back in 2009 while Tim was performing at a benefit concert. The concert was held for Tim and his wife Faith Hill‘s Neighbor’s Keeper Fund.

During the concert, Tim delivered a cover of “Suspicious Minds.” The song was not original to Elvis, but his 1968 cover was largely responsible for helping reignite his career after a bit of a lull.

The song went on to develop deep roots in country music, as Waylon Jennings and Jessi Colter recorded a duet version that went on to claim the #2 spot on the Hot Country Songs chart. Dwight Yoakam also has a famous cover of the song, which peaked at the Hot Country Songs chart’s 35th spot.

Tune in below to watch Tim offer his take on “Suspicious Minds” over 11 years ago. This performance and his recent tribute post to Elvis prove just how much he admires “The King” and always has.