Man Films Himself Lip Syncing Reba, Tim McGraw, Toby Keith, & More In The Car

Caleb Francis / Facebook

This good ol’ country boy just compiled all of the songs “country folk” get overly-excited about – and it is spot on. We couldn’t stop laughing as his dance moves and lip-syncing perfectly matched the way we dance when the songs come on in our own car!

The guy performing the silly dance moves is Caleb Francis – a social media comedian and owner of Wulfgar Custom Knives. From just looking at him, you’d never expect this guy to be as hilarious as he is…

But the second he gets behind the camera – this grizzly looking dude turns into a giant goofball!

Throughout his lip-sync video titled, “Songs That Get Country Folk Hyped AF,” Francis keeps us roaring with laughter – waiting to see what song he will imitate next. He covers everyone from Tim McGraw to Reba, to Toby Keith – and many more!

We’ll let you enjoy discovering all the songs on your own in the full-length video below – but get ready to dance in your seat. You just can’t help but belt out the lyrics with this guy. Let us know which song he covers was your favorite in the comments!