Man Drives Convertible With Snakes Hanging On Windshield

Avieefx / Twitter

What is the coolest way to show off your pet snakes?

In a Twitter video, two men let a couple of pet pythons join them for a joy ride in their convertible. The snakes curled up across the windshield of the car as the pair cruised the roadways.

In the clip, one snake became restless as the convertible stopped to wait for oncoming traffic. The driver of the vehicle attempted to keep the snakes calm as a crowd began to cluster around the car. Throughout the footage, the driver had to reposition the closest snake on the windshield as the reptile drew near his face.

In another shared video from the encounter, the driver flaunted his relationship with the snakes by kissing the closest python. Still, the footage sparked mixed reactions from followers.

“True madness,” remarked social media user Thobile Ntshangase.

Other followers suggested that the sighting was not a big deal since pythons are often kept as exotic pets. Some people even shared videos of other people driving with their snakes slithering around the windows.

See both shared videos of the snakes below. 

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