Man Chased By Alligator Trips & Falls

Chum Dumpster / YouTube

Florida fisherman and YouTuber Chum Dumpster shared a video on Monday of an alligator chasing him away from his fishing spot and him falling to the ground trying to get away.

“Alligator tries to attack me while tarpon fishing in Florida,” he wrote on YouTube.

With his chest camera filming everything, from the corner of the screen, you can see the gator popping his head out the water.

Chum still had his line in the water when he realized what it was. You can tell he’s genuinely shocked. He backed up to get away from the water’s edge. “Gotta be careful here.”

Chum Dumpster / YouTube

The gator proceeded to swim directly towards Chum and walk out of the water. In a panic, Chum tries to turn around and run the other way and falls. He quickly gets back up and turns around to see a massive gator standing there in the path looking right at him.

“Well, that puts an end to my tarpon fishing,” he says, as he stomps his feet in an attempt to scare the gator off.

Chum Dumpster / YouTube

However, the gator doesn’t budge and instead begins to charge at the fisherman. Chum makes the smart move of running away until he gets far enough down the trail and away from the gator.

Curious, he walks back up the trail to take one last look at the gator before it crawled back into the water. “On my God,” Chum said, as he watched the gator drag its big belly back into the water, “Aaaand I am outta here. Screw that,” he said, as he cuts off the video.

Fortunately, Chum Dumpster lives to fish another day but, wow, did he get a good video. Click below to watch it for yourself.

Watch Gator Chase Fisherman Video Below