Man Catches “World’s Biggest Carp” In Thailand In 2019

Benchawan Thiansungnoen / Facebook

British fisherman John Harvey told Devon Live he was enjoying a “reasonably quiet” day of fishing at Palm Tree Lagoon in Chedi Hak, Thailand before he reeled in the catch that would change his life. That catch, which he made later in the evening, ended up breaking a world record.

Then, at around 4.30pm the cart rod screened off so I ran over to the rod, and straight away felt it was a really big fish,” Harvey told the publication. “I’ve done fishing for a while now and you can tell if it’s big or not from the bait.”

But Harvey had no way of knowing just how big his catch truly was.

In total, it took Harvey 80 minutes to reel in the fish. Once the fight was over, he was surely stunned to see what was on the other end of his line.

Harvey caught a Siamese carp, and the fish was a monster. It tipped the scale at 232 pounds, weighing 10 pounds more than the previous world record-holding carp.

While there may be larger carp out there, no one has ever caught and recorded a catch as large as Harvey’s. As you can see in the photos below, they needed three people just to lift the fish out of the water!

John Harvey aka Mr Punch breaks the lake carp record with a Siamese Carp of 232lb that fell to 2 x 12mm Urban Baits red nutcracker popups 🙂 🙂 🙂

Posted by Benchawan Thiansungnoen on Sunday, June 23, 2019

It was absolutely enormous, the pictures do not do it justice at all,” Harvey said about the fish.

If the pictures don’t do the fish’s size justice, then we can’t even begin to imagine how big it must have looked in person!

Want to see more massive carp that have been caught through the years? Then tune in to the video below.

However, none of the fish in the video are bigger than the one Harvey caught. He reeled in a true monster of a carp!