Man Accused Of Killing Actor Treat Williams Pleads Guilty, Learns His Fate

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A Vermont man accused of causing the death of actor Treat Williams in a vehicle collision in 2023 pleaded guilty on Friday (March 8).

As a result, authorities will not sentence him to prison time.

Ryan Koss, 35, received a one-year deferred sentence. As part of his probation, authorities must suspend his driving license for a year and require his participation in a community restorative justice program for the misdemeanor charge.

Police reported that Koss was making a left turn into a parking lot in a Honda SUV in June of 2023 when he collided with Williams’ oncoming motorcycle, throwing the actor off.

Williams, 71, was wearing a helmet but sustained severe injuries. After being airlifted to Albany Medical Center in New York, he was pronounced dead.

Treat Williams was laid to rest in a touching funeral held in his hometown of Manchester, Vermont.

The intimate gathering, which occurred on June 19, 2023, united his close family and friends to bid a heartfelt farewell to the beloved star.

The following day, a small group of family members and friends gathered there to pay their final respects.

Treat Williams funeral flowers.
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Vermont State Police reported that over a month following the incident, Koss received a citation for “grossly negligent operation resulting in death,” as requested by the Bennington County State’s Attorney’s Office.

During the emotional hearing on Friday, Koss expressed his remorse and extended his condolences to Williams’ family and fans.

“I’m here to apologize and take responsibility for this tragic accident,” he told the court.

Williams’ son expressed forgiveness towards Koss and encouraged him to forgive himself. Gill, speaking in court on Friday, reflected on the profound impact of his father’s passing on their family. He also revealed that he was in the process of writing a movie for his father, a project they had planned to collaborate on.

“I do forgive you, and I hope that you forgive yourself,” he said. “And I don’t want you to go to prison – we didn’t press charges – it’s very difficult to deal with the fact that there are no real repercussions, you know, it doesn’t feel – but what would it be? You know, nothing’s going to bring my dad back.”

He also added, “I really wish you hadn’t killed my father. I really had to say that.”


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Koss stated that he accepts responsibility for the accident.

“I can only begin my sincerest apologies and condolences to the Williams family and also to Mr. Williams’ loved ones, to his fans and to our community, who all cherished him,” Koss said.

“I’m here to acknowledge that this accident occurred because I made a left turn in front of an oncoming motorcycle that collided with my car and it was my responsibility to avoid that from happening, and for that I am truly sorry.”

Treat Williams’ versatile career in film and television.

Treat Williams gained recognition for his diverse roles in film and television, notably starring in the 1979 musical “Hair,” along with appearing in TV dramas like “Blue Bloods” and “Everwood.”

Williams leaves behind a legacy of remarkable performances on both the screen and stage. He appeared in more than 120 TV and film roles in his nearly 50-year career.

Learn more about Koss pleading guilty in the video below.