Luke Combs Releases Brand-New Duet With Miranda Lambert

(Left) Luke Combs / YouTube / (Right) Miranda Lambert / YouTube

Luke Combs dropped his highly anticipated third album on Friday (June 24). The album is titled Growin’ Up, and features a total of 12 tracks.

One of those tracks is a song called “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.” It’s the only duet on the album, and Miranda Lambert is Combs’ duet partner.

Combs told Good Morning America how he and Lambert ended up singing together on “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.”

[Miranda and I] wrote [‘Outrunnin’ Your Memory‘] together, and it wasn’t like we sat down to write a duet,” he said. “I didn’t plan to have her on my album and she didn’t plan for us to write a song for hers. There were no intentions in the songwriting other than, “Let’s go write a song that we both think is really good.'”

Once they started cutting songs in the studio, Combs knew he wanted to record “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.” That’s when he realized he needed to have Lambert sing it with him:

When we were going in the studio, I was like, ‘I gotta cut this song,'” he said. “It was never like, ‘Man, it’s gonna be this duet, and we’re gonna do this.’ It was like, ‘We gotta have her on this song, right? It’s too good, and she’s too good, not to do it.'”

Combs was super excited to get the chance to write and record a song with Lambert. He said, “She’s somebody I’ve looked up to for so long as a songwriter. And what she does as an artist is, I think, super authentic and amazing as well.”

With a title like “Outrunnin’ Your Memory,” it makes sense that that song is about a breakup. Combs and Lambert sing as a two former lovers who have since parted ways. Yet they find it impossible to escape from all of the memories they shared.

Some of the lyrics are, “Outrunnin’ your memory is like outrunnin’ the wind. I can’t get where I’m going if I can’t leave where you’ve been.”

You can listen to “Outrunnin’ Your Memory” in the clip below. We hope Combs and Lambert release this as a single…or at the very least make a music video for it!