Luke Combs And Wife Reveal Gender Of 2nd Baby

Luke Combs/Instagram

Luke Combs and his wife Nicole announced Monday (March 20, 2023) that they are expecting their second child.

Luke and Nicole Combs welcomed their first child, a son they named Tex Lawrence, in June 2022. Tex arrived on Father’s Day to new parents who said they were “over the moon in love with this little guy.”


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Now the couple are joining an elite club, “the 2 under 2 club,” when they welcome their second child in September 2023. Luke announced their happy news on social media and revealed the baby’s gender, saying, “Joining the 2 under 2 club! Baby boy #2 coming this September!!”



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Luke and Nicole Combs wed at their home in south Florida in 2020. The pair started dating in 2016 before getting engaged two years later.

In an interview last year with Absolute Radio Country‘s Baylen Leonard, Combs talked about what kind of parent he wanted to be.

“I don’t want to be a dad that’s not around or the dad that you see on TV and go ‘oh that is my dad and that is where he is today I guess.’ Family is important to me. I’d like to be the guy throwing the football to them,” Combs said.

The “Forever After All” singer also told The Tennessean that he plans to be a hands-on dad, even getting in on the diaper changes.

“I’m assuming I’ll end up doing a lot of that, man. I would think so,” he told the outlet. “I just figure, you know, she had to kind of grow him for nine months, so I figure I can at least do something at this point. It’s like, you don’t really do anything for nine months. If you didn’t do anything after that, [you’re] kind of like a deadbeat at that point.”

Congratulations to Luke, Nicole and Tex on their growing family!