Luke Bryan’s Wife Pranks Him In The Shower For 2018 Prank War

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

Every great relationship is founded on friendship, right? Well for Luke Bryan and his wife, Caroline – that friendship comes with love, laughter, and lots of pranks…

12 Days Of Prankmas

While most people spend April Fools Day pranking their friends and family, Luke’s loved ones like to kick off their prank wars in December. And it turns out, they aren’t completely alone! All across the world – people have jumped on the new trend of “Prankmas.” From saran wrapping cars to wrapping entire office desks, this is one way to get festively funny for the holidays.

A Family Tradition

In the Bryan household, Prankmas is the perfect way to make it through the cold days and long nights of winter. Luke grew out a very interesting mustache to surprise his loving wife. All she could say when she saw her husband’s new look was, “Oh my God, you did not.”

And he isn’t alone in the prank war. Caroline has been finding sneaky ways to prank just about everyone in the family. From scaring them to placing some very unique bumper stickers on their cars – she’s definitely winning the prank war so far.

Luke’s Favorite Soap

But this year, Caroline wanted to get Luke extra good. She did a little research and found one trick that is sure to get quite the reaction from any victim involved. She used clear nail polish to coat his favorite soap (Irish Spring) so it wouldn’t lather.

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

Caroline gets her camera ready to catch Luke’s priceless reaction. As she’s filming, you can hear Luke in the shower trying to figure out what was going on. He asks, “Does this soap smell ok?” Caroline starts cracking up as a nearly-naked Luke comes around the corner looking confused and a little mad.

You can catch Luke’s reaction and the rest of the video below! Any ideas on what you think Luke should do to prank Caroline back?!