Luke Bryan’s Mama Struts Her Stuff In Matching Denim Shorts & Jacket

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

Luke Bryan definitely gets his sense of humor from his mama, LeClaire. His fans adore her, and she has over 266,000 followers of her own on Instagram.

She’s so popular, she even has a verified blue check mark next to her name!

LeClaire spends a lot of time with Luke, his wife, Caroline, and their family.

In 2021 the Bryans celebrated the marriage of their niece, Jordan. Luke and Caroline took in Jordan and her siblings after both of their parents (Luke’s sister and brother-in-law) passed away.

Luke walked Jordan down the aisle at her wedding. LeClaire was escorted down the aisle by Luke and Caroline’s sons, Bo and Tate.

WHAT AN AMAZING DAY FOR JORDAN AND CLINT AND ALL FAMILY AND EVERYONE. BEAUTIFUL TIME,” LeClaire captioned a photo of her and her grandsons. She also shared a photo with Jordan, who was a gorgeous bride!

On top of getting married in 2021, Jordan started a new business with her sister, Kris. The two of them  opened an online clothing store, Chesh.

The sisters got their grandma LeClarie to model two of their pieces. Caroline shared a video of LeClaire rocking the “Drippin In Diamonds Denim Shorts” and matching jacket. She was looking good!

MIL @leclaire.bryan still got it going on!!! send in your applications for a date!” Caroline captioned the video.

Head below to watch the video of LeClaire strutting her stuff in her new outfit.