Luke Bryan And Wife Caroline Wake Up Youngest Son On Birthday With Dance

Caroline Bryan / Instagram

He may be one of the biggest country stars, but at his core, Luke Bryan is a simple family man.

Luke and his wife Caroline are parents to two sons, Bo and Tate, and have been raising their teenage nephew Til. Til’s two college-aged sisters are also considered members of the family after their dad passed away a few years ago.

Not only do they love spending quality time with their kids, nieces, and nephews, they also enjoy a good prank, and LOVE embarrassing their children. In fact, around Christmas, they participated in what they called “12 Days of Prankmas.” The pranks included Luke growing out his mustache, which Caroline really didn’t like, and a fart machine.

Luke and Caroline proved that they are like that year round when their youngest son’s 9th birthday rolled around in August of 2019.

We learned for their oldest son Bo’s 11th birthday that the Bryan family has a special tradition where they wake up the person celebrating their birthday first thing in the morning and ambush them with a dance to “It’s Your Birthday” by 2 Live Crew member Luke.

Watch Bo’s birthday surprise below.

Luke and Caroline got up extra early to wake up Tate, born Tatum Christopher Bryan, and it was absolutely hysterical.

Besides the dance, both parents posted a birthday tribute to their youngest son, Luke writing, “Happy birthday tot tot. I love you. Can’t believe you’re 9.

Caroline posted a series of photos along with the birthday dance wake-up, saying, “Happy birthday Tate!!! You’re the king today! #9 and feeling fine!

Luke and Caroline woke Tate up on the pull-out couch he was sharing with friends in a hotel room blasting the song on their phone. Luke even began the video dancing on top of the bed! Tate pulled the covers over his eyes not once, but twice in embarrassment!

Watch the video in Caroline’s post below. Make sure you swipe right to see it!