LSU Student Arrested For Stealing $1,500 Worth Of Beer From Tiger Stadium

Bumble Bee Productions / YouTube

A 19-year-old LSU student, Bryce Tilotta, was arrested by deputies after he and a group of guys stole $1,500 worth of beer from Tiger Stadium early Sunday morning.

According to the arrest documents obtained by WBRZ, Tilotta and “a group of college-age males” were spotted around 3 in the morning on Sunday carrying several cases of beer.

LSUPD who spotted them said when they tried approaching the group, the young men ran off and were not able to be caught. However, the surveillance footage captured at Tiger Stadium that same evening revealed that the boys were loading those identical beer cases onto the back of a black pickup truck.

Officers were able to track the truck to the Spruce Hall parking lot where they found the black pickup truck that is owned by Tilotta.

When the officers knocked on the door and the guys opened, Tilotta ultimately admitted to stealing the beer. The man ended up giving consent to having his room searched where officers found the beer cases.

After adding up all the beer that was stolen, there was approximately $1,500 worth, and Tilotta was arrested for one count of simple burglary.

The consequences of stealing from a public venue like a stadium is a serious offense. It’s not worth risking one’s future for a few cases of beer or any other item for that matter.

The theft of beer may seem like a small and harmless act, but it can have a lasting impact on the lives of those involved. Hopefully Tilotta has learned his lesson and won’t do anything like this again.

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