Loretta Lynn’s Ranch And Surrounding Community Devastated By Flooding

Loretta Lynn/Instagram/Jon Cody Finger/Facebook

Country legend Loretta Lynn’s middle Tennessee ranch has been devastated by recent flooding that has left 10 dead and 31 missing in Humphreys County.

Member’s of the singers family have shared heartbreaking updates including photos and videos that show the destruction.

“To grasp the entirety of what has happened today is impossible. From start to finish, we’ve cried, we’ve prayed, we’ve searched, we’ve worried, we’ve helped,” Loretta’s daughter-in-law Crystal wrote early Sunday morning. “EVERYONE is in shock. We are a mess. We can’t sleep. We can’t shut our minds off. We ALL need HELP. A LOT OF HELP. A LOT OF PRAYERS….Please pray for our town. We are in dire need of some Divine Intervention right now.”
Lynn’s granddaughter, Tayla, reported that Loretta and her family were safe and trying to help with rescue efforts in the area.
“Loretta Lynn Memaw is safe,” she wrote. “Completely safe and healthy. Our family. All of them are safe. Our people. Our people. Our town. Pray for them. Us. Our Ranch. We’ve been hit pretty hard. Details will come as we get out from under water. For now focus on the people.”
Among those who lost their lives in the flooding was Loretta Lynn’s ranch foreman, Wayne Spears. Lynn’s daughter, Patsy, shared the heartbreaking news saying, “There are great men and then there are great HERO’s  So loved this man this Hero, he showed up for my mom and dad’s Ranch for decades. Always the cowboy. in a jeep or on a horse he came! He could run every piece of equipment he knew where every waterline electrical box every inch of the ranch. He loved being there he loved the people and we all loved him back. He touched every human heart he ever met! Had the bluest eyes I have ever seen! My dad just got a best friend in heaven! Praying for the family you are our family we are lost and heartbroken.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the flooding.