LIVE: Watch Santa & His Elves Preparing For Christmas

Festive Studio / Facebook

For hundreds of years, stories of Santa Claus and his elves working in the North Pole have lit up the imaginations of many boys and girls around the world. Now, this year in 2021, there will be a way to actually watch them prepare for Christmas!

The YouTube channel Festive Studio claims to have cameras inside Santa’s home and his workshop in the North Pole and they will be streaming live video footage of it from now until the big day on December 25th.

Everyone who tunes in will get the chance to watch Santa, Mrs. Claus and the elves scurry around opening mail, wrapping presents, and chatting with each other on how to prepare for their busiest season.

The free-to-view live stream will be available on YouTube, as well as the Festive Studio website where you will get to see what it looks like inside Santa’s workshop, mailroom, decoration room, living room, and office.

There is even a camera set up in the pasture where Santa keeps his reindeer.

You’ll get to witness the elves building new toys and goofing off when the boss isn’t around to see them and see Santa and Mrs. Clause sitting together eating cookies, cakes, and much, much more.

Check out the live stream below!