Little Rock Tornado Captured On Video Sucking Woman Out Of Door

Kimberly Shaw / Facebook

WARNING: Content May Not Be Suitable For All Viewers

Kimberly Shaw experienced a tornado up close and personal on March 31st, 2023, and filmed the wild experience. She shared the video the next day on social media and it quickly went viral.

On March 31st, 2023, a tornado hit Little Rock, Arkansas while Kimberly Shaw was in town with her husband. He was standing in the parking lot watching the sky and she started filming the sky with her phone before asking him to come inside.

Kimberly Shaw / Facebook

It’s a good thing she did too because right after that, things started to get out of control.

As the wind began to pick up, her staying there and recording seemed like a good idea at the time, but she soon realized how scary things were about to get.

The tornado came closer and closer until it was right on top of them. Kimberly was holding onto the doorframe, trying to steady herself as the wind whipped around her.

Suddenly, she was yanked off her feet and pulled towards the door. She said felt herself being pulled out of the building, but thankfully, he was there to grab her and pull her back in.

“It was a direct hit to where we were. It sucked me out the door,” she wrote on Facebook. “Thank god for my husband who grabbed me and tried pulling me back in.”

Both Kimberly and her husband were injured during the incident, but thankfully not seriously.

Kimberly Shaw / Facebook
Kimberly Shaw / Facebook

She later posted the video she took on Facebook, along with a warning to others not to make the same mistake she did.

A couple of days after the incident she posted photos showing the aftermath of the tornado. 

Her video quickly went viral and was shared by news outlets and on social media.

Kimberly, a Walmart worker from Arkansas, said she learned a valuable lesson that day. She realized that it’s better to take shelter during a tornado than to try to capture it on camera.

She hoped that her experience would serve as a warning to others, so they wouldn’t have to learn the hard way like she did.

Watch The Terrifying Tornado Footage Below