Lionel Richie Talks Pranks On ‘Idol’ – What Luke Bryan Did To Him Is Quite Comical

American Idol / YouTube

Now that we’ve seen the first few episodes of the rebooted American Idol, we’re getting an idea of how the three judges will work together. Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie were already friends and knew each other fairly well before the show, but Katy Perry was the wild card.

Still, it didn’t take long for the three judges to establish a sense of chemistry with each other. It certainly helps that they all have a good sense of humor too.

Following the Idol premiere, Richie stopped by the set of Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about the show. Kimmel brought up the fact that when Perry visited, she said that she often pranked Richie on the Idol set. He then asked Richie if that was true, and he revealed that Bryan was in on the pranks as well.

They are absolutely insane,” he said. “Two insane people.”

Of course, Richie knew he had to provide an example of their shenanigans. So he told the story of what was probably the most embarrassing prank the duo ever pulled on him (so far):

“They put a whoopee cushion…excuse me, let me just say it right…a fart cushion, underneath my seat, and I’ve just finished one of the most dignified, most eloquent statements ever.”

Richie said that after he finished his speech, he went to sit down in his chair and ended up letting out a long, loud fart sound. He was terribly embarrassed, while Perry and Bryan thought the whole thing was hysterical.

You can listen to Richie tell the full story of the whoopee cushion prank in the video below.

We have a feeling that the pranks will keep coming as Idol continues. Maybe Richie will have the chance to get back at Bryan and Perry!