LeAnn Rimes’ Tattoo Sparks Controversy

LeAnn Rimes / Instagram

On Friday, June 14, LeAnn Rimes took to Instagram to show off something very important to her. It’s so important to her, that it will be with her forever.

The singer went to LA tattoo artist Winter Stone for a simple arm tattoo that says, “god’s work.”

She documented it with an Instagram post. She wrote, “Thank you [Winter Stone] for my beautiful new ink! You are a LovE!

Make sure to swipe to see a close-up of the tattoo.


LeAnn has a pretty large fan base, and lots of them commented letting her know what they thought of it, and it actually sparked a little controversy in the comments section.

Some critical comments include the following.

“It’s God. Not god. FYI”

“I luv it but God is GOD! God should have a capital G”

“Should be a capital G.”

“God is spelled with a capital G always. Maybe you should seek Him and He will let you know it is God”

“Gods work…NOT gods work.”

While there were lots of people slamming her tattoo, there were plenty of people defending her. 

“Don’t you complainers have anything else to do? Something important? It’s HER body and HER tattoo. Leave LeAnn alone,” one person said.

Another wrote, “Reading some of these comments, some of you forgot what YOUR God or god is all about!!!”

LeAnn has yet to respond to the critiques of her tattoo.