LeAnn Rimes’ Husband Shows Off His Body On Instagram

Instagram / LeAnn Rimes

Former boy band star, soap opera actor, and primetime television favorite Eddie Cibrian has always been known for his dazzling good looks – but did you know he was a fitness buff with a sculpted body?


LeAnn Rimes and her husband of eight years have been together since they first met on the set of their 2009 Lifetime original movie, Nora Roberts’ Northern Lights. At the time, they both were married to other people: Rimes to backup dancer Dean Shermet and Cibrian to model Brandi Glanville. By 2011 they both had divorced their first spouse and they got married.


Over the years, Cibrian has been a working actor – which means that in between shooting gigs, he has to find another way to make ends meet. And due to that, he’s done plenty of modeling. Just take this bath towel and bed linen campaign for Charisma for example!

Throughout it all, he’s made sure that fitness and keeping his body looking incredible has always been at the top of his list. And for 46, he sure looks amazing! 


Over the years, Eddie and LeAnn have shown off their passion for boating and each of them clearly makes sure they’re ready for swimsuit season when it comes around…

Their hard work is paying off and neither is afraid to flaunt what they’ve got for the paparazzi, or just share it with fans on Instagram.

Check out some of Eddie’s spiciest snapshots below!